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Kehen Temple

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It is difficult to determine exactly when Kehen temple established. However, there are three copper inscriptions concerning the existence of the temple. In the inscriptions are described that Kehen Temple has existed in Saka between 804-836 (between the years AD 882-914 AD). So, Kehen Temple already existed at the end of the ninth century or the beginning of X century AD. The existence of Kehen Temple who are tied to the history of the village of Bangli contained in the inscriptions No. 705 Inscription Kehen Temple C.

Wadah Gebog Domas and Bebanuan Kehen Temple became a symbol that the hamlets in the village of Bangli is a unity, it also became a symbol of the uniqueness and distinctiveness of Bangli with villages in the region or other regions. The spirit of togetherness and harmony of hereditary color every activity associated with the presence of Kehen Temple. Bebanuan obligations and responsibility of each.

Based on the explanation of Jero Gede Kehen and the leader of  Puri Agung, Anak Agung Gede Bagus Ardhana, in the days of empire, hand in hand with the role Bebanuan, the king's castle or specifically provide shelter, moral and material support every solemnization in Kehen Temple. Post-days of empire, shelter and support was then given the Bangli District Government.


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  • Name Kehen Temple
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