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Penglipuran Village

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Bali is a tourist attraction that is very popular among both local and foreign travelers. However, many tourists who only know the attraction Bali monotonically the beaches and other natural attractions. Basically, Bali does not only presents attractions such as the beach or nature only, but also the culture and customs travel Bali is very strong and should we visit.

Penglipuran Village, one of traditional village in  Bali which is very thick with harmony and togetherness. The village is located in the village of Kubu, District Bangli, Bangli, Bali. This village has been awarded the Kalpataru. In addition to getting the award Kalpataru, Penglipuran also designated as rural tourism by the Bangli district government in 1995. Since then, the village is increasingly visited by tourists who want to know how wisdom is happening in this village's.

The physical arrangement of the village has been inherited by their ancestors, the people in the village's always uphold the Balinese philosophy called "Tri Hitakarana". This philosophy teaches us to always harmonize the relationship between fellow human beings, humans and the environment, and the human with the divine.


Tanggal Event Nama Event Deskripsi Detail
20 December 2019 Penglipuran Village Festival Penglipuran Village Festiva
22 December 2018 Penglipuran Village Festival Penglipuran Village Festiva
Tanggal Event Nama Event Deskripsi Detail



  • Name Penglipuran Village
  • Category Culture
  • Address Bangli

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