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Anjungan Tukad Melangit

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Exploring the nature of Bali's seemingly inexhaustible. There's always an object of interest to visit. This time there in Antugan, Bangli. What is that?

"Anjungan Titanic" is apparently not just exist in Tanah Wuk, Badung. But also in Banjar Antugan, Jehem Village, District Tembuku, Bangli regency.

Its name is Anjungan Tukad Melangit. Often referred to as titanic platforms because it offers the sensation of posing like a pair of Jack and Rose in Titanic romantic.

Spot fitting for taking selfie. The pavilion is made by people around to spoil the visitors who like to capture the moment of the trip.

The size of Anjungan is so big. About four to five meters. However, the view offered guaranteed to fascinate. As far as the eye could see looked valley of Tukad Melangit Banjar Antugan spacious and very beautiful with a view of the green.

Standing on the bridge made of wood and bamboo must have the guts. Because it will feel like flying high with a barrier that is not only as high as an adult's knee.

But natural dish that is given to make the platform the most fit location for taking photos and selfie.


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Tanggal Event Nama Event Deskripsi Detail



  • Name Anjungan Tukad Melangit
  • Category Nature
  • Address Tembuku

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