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Batur Global Geopark

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Geopark is an area which has a natural heritage value (geology). It is hoped to become a sustainable economic development strategy for the area through a good and realistic management structure. Thus, geopark is a job opportunities creator for the local community in terms of real economic gains. Excavation effort, growth and development of the economic value is usually done through a sustainable tourism industry.

Geopark is developed in a sustainable manner which blends harmoniously three diversity, namely Geology (Geodiversity), biological (Biodiversity) and Culture (Cultural Diversity). In conclusion, the management goal is to build and develop local economies with the protection of geological, biological, and culture diversity which contained in the region.

Geopark is basically combines the protection principles or values, education, and local economic growth based geotourism. To ensure that these values can be applied to a region, the geopark development plan should be integrated into the regional spatial planning in areas that have been built by the region.

Indonesia through the Batur Geopark (Taman Bumi Batur) is developing. It is hoped that the existance of the first Geopark in Idonesia will impact the emerging of another Geopark elsewhere in the world.


Tanggal Event Nama Event Deskripsi Detail
29 August 2018 kintamani festival festival seni dan budaya
24 August 2018 kintamani festival Festival seni dan budaya
Tanggal Event Nama Event Deskripsi Detail



  • Name Batur Global Geopark
  • Category Education
  • Address Kintamani

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