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Terunyan communities have a tradition of burial where the body was buried on a large rock that had seven basins. Desa Adat Terunyan govern the procedures for its residents bury their dead. In this village there are three cemeteries (sema) that are intended for three different types of death. When one resident Terunyan died of natural causes, his body covered with a white cloth, consecrated, then laid without buried under a big tree called Taru Menyan, at a location called Sema Wayah. However, if the cause of unnatural death, such as accidents, suicide, or murdered, his body will be placed in a location called Sema Bantas. However, infants and small children, or people who are already mature but unmarried, will be placed in Sema Muda (Rumah Miarta Yasa).

Uniquely bodies were laid out neatly will not cause an odd smell at all. Though naturally, keep fragmenting. This was caused by the presence of Taru Menyan tree fragrant and was able to neutralize the stench of corpses. Taru means tree, while Menyan means fragrant. Taru  Menyan tree, only grows in this area. Be Tarumenyan later better known as Terunyan is believed to be the origin of the name of the village.


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  • Name Terunyan
  • Category Culture
  • Address Kintamani

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